The Best Amazon Cruise?
Active, Exploratory, and Authentic.
Come with the heart of the greatest wilderness on Earth.

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What is different about our Amazon Voyages? They are better in the way that really matters: they are more authentic. Travelers on the Motor Yacht Tucano can know that they are experiencing the Amazon in the smartest and most thoughtful way available.

1) Exceptional Guides: Our guides are the very best in the Amazon. They are not free-lance guides, but instead highly skilled professionals employed by us for more than 15 years. They conduct a detailed narrative about Amazon wildlife, science, and culture. Passengers love them at the end of the trip.  

2) Farther into the Wilderness: Our groups travel deep into remote wild rainforest. We are the only boat that explores a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Amazon. It is just us and the wilderness.

3) Activities: Cruises on the M/Y Tucano are the most active offered in the entire Amazon. Travelers have many choices according to how physically active they choose to be. There are options for travelers of every expectation. We go into the forest several times a day, in different ways. There are guided excursions in our kayaks, we use our ship's launches, and we also go for walks in the forest on our own remote wilderness trails. Our excursions enable travelers to experience the fullness of the Amazon in a smart and sophisticated way.

4) Continuous Deep Forest Exploration: Our cruises are the only long range cruises in the Amazon - all the others are combinations of two short cruises. Combination cruises are repetitive for travelers and really limits the ability of the boat to travel far into the forest.

5) Smaller Groups: The Motor Yacht Tucano has only nine passenger cabins so that typically a group size with some single travelers will only be 14-16 travelers. Even with this small group we divide into two smaller groups, each with its own skilled naturalist guides.

6) Nothing Phony: Unfortunately, many Amazon cruises have lots of "made for tourism" stops. Examples are re-created ceremonies with indigenous shamans, the feeding of dolphins, and obligatory visits with schools for selfies with children. But these largely false events really detract from the authenticity of an Amazon cruise. They diminish the experience. The Amazon is a bizarre enough place where it is really not necessary to do anything phony. On our cruises travelers appreciate that what they are doing is really special, and real.

-------------- Our Amazon cruises are the most thoughtful, interesting and authentic explorations of the Amazon rainforest. Join us in exploring the last great wilderness on Earth. We offer Two Cruises that operate on guaranteed departure schedules:

**Voyage to the Heart of the Amazon, Expedition Cruise 6 Nights :
This is a true expedition cruise with several days of deep forest exploration. This is the most active, sophisticated, comfortable, and authentic nature cruise in the Amazon Rainforest. With this amount of time to explore, a good boat, a skilled crew, and adventurous passengers, we venture far into the Amazon rainforest wilderness in search of wildlife.

**The Amazon Odyssey -Amazon Cruise 4 Nights: This is a Essential cruise that offers the essence of Amazon nature and culture in a short time frame. Exploring mostly on the Amazon River, this cruise is an authentic classic Amazon Cruise.


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